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Set Sail!

Couch Co-op | Pirates | Party

A chaotic couch co-op experience that delivers a unique game in the pirate setting.


COOPERATE like a true pirate crew, across a range of different levels and islands designed for 4 Player Couch Co-op chaos!

Set sail together, rob a bank as a team and clean ships for gold in a wide variety of island types.

Take that gold you've earned to the Hub, and purchase new looks and weapons for you and your crew!

EXPLORE through tropical islands, dangerous dungeons and Spanish treasuries in our Adventure islands. Take these open islands at your own pace and explore every nook and crevice to find every piece of precious gold.

FIGHT with a sword and pistol in hand, or use the objects around you. Use explosive barrels, fire destructive cannons or throw any item you can hold to deal damage to the enemy.

Power Weapons give you unique ways to fight, from harpoon guns to giant crab claws, a cursed sword to a blunderbuss, these powerful pickups can change the course of battle.


SAIL across the Overworld to your next island, or hunt down roaming ships and monstrous Kraken tenctacles. The ocean is yours!

Fight each other with our PvP mode Desertion! Face off against your friends as Pirates or British, fighting over the same objective to find out which crew rules the sea!

CUSTOMISE your character to play as the Pirate you've always wanted! Choose from preset characters to suit whatever your scurvy style, and customise your hats, weapons and ships!



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